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Muensterland is a dynamic region with a high quality of life.

The region’s secret to success is obvious: an economically-attractive location along with top-notch infrastructure, an Innovative and Dynamic Business Environment, and employees and employers committed to the local community.

The region is recognized as a hub for scientific research. From the University of Muenster, one of Germany’s largest universities, to the Universities of Applied Science – in Muenster, Steinfurt and Bocholt – to various technology centers and research institutes, Muensterland is a highly diverse, modern and notable location in this respect.

Aside from economics and research, the region is strongly characterized by its unique landscape and wide choice of recreational activities. Glorious palaces and castles, historical old towns and numerous cultural highlights contribute to a High Quality of Life. Attesting to the region’s remarkability, the title “City Most Worth Living in Worldwide” was awarded to the City of Muenster and the Aasee lake area was named “Europe’s Most Beautiful Park.” The region, easily explored by bicycle, is waiting for you.

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