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Distinct Tissue Defects – whether caused by trauma, degenerative processes or excision of neoplastic tissue – often
present a challenge for the treating physician:

  • Limited availability of donor tissue
  • Insufficient quality of the healed defect may limit the activities
    of patients´ daily lives

We develop innovative solutions that Restore the Function of Damaged or Destroyed Tissues like skin, gingiva, bone and tendon.

Our products stimulate the body´s ability to generate New Tissue by itself.
The natural fiber structure of our biomatrices provides an ideal environment for cell migration and proliferation.

Our product solutions secure the quality of surgeons´ work with
the goal of returning patients rapidly to an Active Daily Life, resulting in

  • Increased quality of life for patients
  • Reduced follow-up costs for the health care system

We are specialists in developing tissue regeneration products for different application fields, e.g., plastic, trauma and orthopaedic surgery as well as dental.