Women often find that Anti-Aging products make alluring promises without even approaching the high-level results of professional treatments. There is a general fear that effective Skin Care is also too aggressive.

Women look for effective Skin Care regimen that have proven efficacy but are non-irritating to the skin.

Representing a major innovation in Skin Care science, MedSkin Solutions developed the proprietary HiCon Technology. 12 years of research and development enable the delivery of sensitive actives in very high concentrations in a stable format.

Juveel®, based on HiCon Technology, is a Specialty Care Rejuvenation Treatment. Each freshly-activated dose of 79% High Active Vitamin C and Instant Activation Liquid transforms into a BoosteX Boostex Complexmplex for effective, yet ultra-gentle Anti-Aging results.

HiCon Technology

  • 79% High Active Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)
  • Biologically most active Vitamin C in a stable 3D matrix format
  • BoosteX Boostex Complexmplex, ensuring maximum potency, efficacy and penetration into deeper skin layers

Our Specialty Care solution Juveel® is available for Professional and Home Use. Combine both to achieve progressive and sustained skin rejuvenation and protection from premature aging.