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Recently the emphasis on managing reconstructive and full-thickness wounds
has shifted from merely reducing morbidity and achieving satisfactory survival
to enhancing long-term prognosis and Function of the healed areas.1

MatriDerm® is an Acellular Dermal Substitute, based on our proprietary TRC Technology, that

  • Restores skin´s biomechanics, assuring the flexibility required for natural mobility of the body
  • Prevents adhesion during healing of damaged tissue

MatriDerm® enables the regeneration of full-thickness wounds in a
One-Step Procedure in combination with a split-thickness skin graft.

MatriDerm Packshot
  • Native collagen scaffold
    • Promotes rapid cell migration, proliferation and revascularization
    • Supports guided regeneration2
  • Elastin
    • Encourages early neoangiogenesis and elastin synthesis

Available Sizes

210x297x1 mm
210x297x2 mm
105x148x1 mm
105x148x2 mm
52x74x1 mm

1 Halim AS et al., Biologic and synthetic skin substitutes: An overview. Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery 2010, 43, 23-28.
2 De Vries HJC et al., Reduced wound contraction and scar formation in punch biopsy wounds. Native collagen dermal substitutes: A clinical study. British Journal of Dermatology 1995, 132, 690-697.

Matriderm Mode of Action
MatriDerm Logo

MatriDerm® is indicated for the treatment of all deep dermal defects in combination with a split-thickness skin graft (STSG), especially on Functional, Important Anatomical Areas like hands, feet, large joints and face.

For Example:

  • Burns IIb-III°
  • Trauma and reconstructive wounds
  • Surgical wounds, e.g., excision of skin cancer or congenital defects
MatriDerm Logo

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