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With age, facial contours lose definition. The eye zone in particular
loses its youthfulness.
Liftergy, based on our proprietary MatriMar® Technology, offers

  • Immediate beauty lift and more defined facial contours
  • Visible anti-sagging results
  • Stimulation of the skin’s own aquaporin production
  • Instant skin smoothing via increase in skin hydration
  • Plumped-up fine lines and reduced wrinkle depth
  • Ionic energy from pure, concentrated marine and mineral complex
  • Dermatologically tested

Liftergy is our expert solution for Lifting and Contouring.

Professional Use
Packshot Liftergy Pro
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  • Contour & Lift Facial Mask
  • Immediate skin plumping effect
  • Reduces wrinkle depth
  • Free of parabens, fragrances, PEGs,
    colorants and silicones

Home Use
Packshot Liftergy Eye
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  • Lifting Eye Mask
  • Gives an instant lift
  • Provides visible skin plumping
  • Reduces wrinkle depth
  • Contours like a second skin to the
    eye zone

A range of formats are available to customize the treatment and provide specific applications
according to skin needs. Please contact us for further information.

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All MatriMar®-based products work with Ionic Energy from a highly pure
and concentrated marine and mineral complex with targeted release of active
ingredients into the skin upon activation.

Liftergy Mode of Action
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Professional Use

Professional Treatment
For clients who desire immediate, visible results in skin plumping and facial contour enhancement, Liftergy Contour & Lift is the ideal solution.
Aestheticians can integrate Liftergy into their professional treatment protocols in a number of ways.

Turbo Booster: Integration into treatments that promise outstanding, immediate beauty-boosting results.

Energizing Treatment: Liftergy is perfectly suited for integration as a highlight of energizing facial treatments.

To increase client loyalty, aestheticians can also recommend Liftergy for home use.
Liftergy Lifting & Contouring is ideal for obtaining instantly visible lifting and skin plumping results in the delicate eye zone.

Liftergy Professional Use

Home Use
Liftergy Home Use
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