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Facial skin is especially prone to showcasing Internal and External Stress Factors such as environmental pollution, exposure to air conditioning, too little sleep, and an unbalanced diet. Skin loses its own shield protection, looks dull, feels rough on the surface, and becomes flaky and lacking in Natural Brightness.

MedSkin Solutions offer unique, Science-based Solutions that counterbalance internal and external stress factors to enhance the skin’s own resilience and healthy balance.

Based on our proprietary MatriGel® Technology, we offer Professional Massage Treatment solutions in the field of Detox and Skin Refining.

All massage treatments based on MatriGel® Technology are non-comedogenic. Upon activation with liquid, the porous 3-D-matrix transforms into a lubricating gel. Massaging it into the skin, toxins are encapsulated to be eliminated with rinse-off. The treatment cleanses deeply and purifies, removing harmful substances and leaving skin invigorated and detoxified. The skin is now perfectly prepared for further treatment steps such as mask or serum.