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Peoples` Health, Beauty and Wellbeing are our passion – Skin and Tissue are our expertise.

For our Customers, we develop most effective, targeted and cost-efficient solutions in Regenerative Medicine, Advanced Wound Care, Professional Skin Care and Medical Aesthetic Care.

From the Epidermis and Dermis down to the Subcutis, we pinpoint the specific needs of the different skin layers and develop targeted solutions.

In the field of tissue regeneration, the skin is one of our main areas - however, our current Research & Development activities are not limited to skin tissue.

Our technological core competence is our proprietary Advanced CryoSafe™ Method that allows us to preserve and refine the properties of biomaterials.
Biological Modes of Action are our guiding source of inspiration.

The commitment of our international, multi-disciplinary team in combination with our technological core competence and innovation based on Science makes us a preferred partner in Life Science.

We concentrate on three market segments:

Med Care
Our solutions focus on the treatment of Tissue Defects. From Surgical Hemostasis to Advanced Wound Care and Tissue Regeneration, it is our goal to support clinician’s work and regain patients’ daily lives.

Skin Care
In Professional Skin Care, we offer Skin Care experts, aestheticians and end users scientifically-proven solutions to treat skin concerns via professional treatments and home use. From Regeneration and Repair, Lifting and Contouring to Detox and Skin Refinement and Skin Rejuvenation, our products are highly effective, while at the same time ultra gentle.

Aesthetic Care
In Aesthetic Care we, offer Medical Practitioners solutions for bio-augmentation. In cases of tissue degradation where surgical procedures are required, our products contribute significantly to the desired aesthetic results.

As a B2B Company, we have various paths of commercialization. We are closely collaborating with distributors for MedSkin Solutions branded products as well as international B2B partners in

  • Partner-branded products
  • Private label products
  • Exclusively-developed products

We honor Confidentiality. Working with different partners in a variety of projects, we are used to dealing with Sensitive Information. The importance of non-disclosure of information about our customers, projects and accomplishments is understood.